Should I be worried that my STARK Bamboo Bike gets stolen?

Of course there will be people who would love to steal your beautiful bike. Since the bikes are so unique though, it would be very risky to try to sell or even ride a stolen bike. Additionally, every frame has a unique number which is registered by us. Nevertheless we highly recommend to always lock your bike if you leave it somewhere outside.


Are STARK Bamboo Bikes only available as single speed?

No, it is possible to add a derailleur or hub gears. We would love to offer you a special quote for your bamboo bike with the desired components. 



How much does one STARK Bamboo Bike frame weigh?
Depending on the size a frame weighs about 3kg. Since every piece of bamboo and every frame are unique frame weight varies across different frames.


Is there a possibility to get other frame sizes?

In general it is no problem for us to design a frame according to your wished. This gives you the chance to specify the complete geometry oft he frame by your self and design the frame according your special needs. You can find further information about our custom frames HERE


What materials are used to produce the frames?
STARK Bamboo Bike are made of Tam Vong Bamboo which also goes by the name „Iron Bamboo“. The bamboo pieces are connected through hemp- and synthetic fiber and later on adhered by epoxy resin. All connections tot he attachment parts (e.g. bottom bracket, steering tube...) are made of metal so that standard parts can be used.


Are bamboo bike frames strong enough?

The Tam Vong bamboo of the frames has extraordinary mechanical properties. Additionally, some frames were certified through ISO 4210.


Is there any kind of warranty?
Every our frames comes with a 2 year warranty.


Do bamboo bikes need special treatment?
Bamboo bikes should be stored under dry conditions so that no mold formation takes place. Nevertheless the bikes can be used in rainy conditions without any interference. Except that, the maintenance for a bamboo bike is the same as for any other bike.

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