Frame production in Vietnam

Frame construction
Bamboo frame grind
Frame Painting
Bamboo bike frame construction

STARK Bamboo Bikes are produced with social focus as part of a NGO project in Vietnam


A Non-Profit organization, which since 2010 helps to generate sustainable and socially responsible work for women in rural areas, produces the frames in Vietnam. A frame is produced in about 50 hours of handcraft in several production steps. On the one hand the profits of the production directly help the employed workers and on the other hand they are invested into charitable projects which support the development and living standard in the region.

“Before working on the bamboo bike project, life was difficult because my family had no land. I'm happy working here because I can earn a sustainable income and be near my family to take care of them.”

“I had to quit school after grade 10 to help support my family. I like working here because of the proximity to home and stable income. Furthermore, we are covered by health and social income.”

Constucting with bamboo

The characteristics of bamboo enable to create both exceedingly stable and sustainable products that are all unique in their kind.


Bamboo is one of the fastest renewable vegetable raw material and therefor is a symbol for shaping a sustainable living standard. In contrast to aluminum, which is produced very energy consuming, and carbon, which can hardly be recycled, the Tam Vong bamboo (“Iron Bamboo”) used can grow up to 33cm a day and at the same time ties up large amounts of carbon dioxide.

Tam Vong Bamboo
Raw material bamboo
Sustainable Bamboo
Raw material bamboo

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